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2017 Jumping Schedule


May 27, 9:00 am @ K Colfer Sporthorses

518 W. Townline Road, Harbor Springs, MI

Contact Katie Colfer Reece at (231) 838-9386


July 1, 9:00 am @ Double Oak Farm

7765 E. Morningstar Lane, Suttons Bay, MI

Contact Anne Grant at (231) 218-3267


July 22 , 9:00 @ Rising Hope Riding Center

2787 Quick Road, Harbor Springs, MI

Contact Leah Keller at (231) 838-8498


August 19, 9:00 am @ Gemstone Farm

 4237 S. Center Highway, Suttons Bay, MI

Contact Sarah Reincke at (231) 642-7445



Awards Banquet November, 18



2016 sponsors



On The Bit Photography

Michelle Englebrecht


Grand Traverse Saddlery


Northern Michigan Equine

Veterinary Services

S.K Bhuyan D.V.M.


P.J. Horse Shoeing &

 Farrier Services

Patrick Smith


Hillside Feed & Supply


F.L. Padella Company

Fine Homes


Trattoria Funistrada

Holly and Tom Reay


David Vanderlind

Farrier Services


Stormcloud Brewing Company

Rick Schmitt


Trent Smith- Farrier


Maureen & John Wendon


Rodney & Kathy Lofquist


Kris Kunz


Beth Footh


Estella Bonanni


Audra Santoro


Northern Pines Farm

Melissa Hirt


K. Colfer Sporthorses

Katie and Phil Reece


Forever Farm

Christy Andersen


Gemstone Farm

Jim, Jan, and Sarah Reincke


Double Oak Farm - Jeremy, Anne, William, Garrett, and Kenneth Grant


Spindle Top Farm


The Roost

Consignment Boutique


Grant's Stump Removal Service




Warm-up 7:30-8:30

Shows start at 9:00 a.m.


1. Walk/Trot Equitation

2. Walk/Trot Equitation

3. Walk/Trot Equitation Poles

4. Walk/Trot/Canter Equitation

5. Walk/Trot/Canter Equitation

6. Walk/Trot/Canter Equitation Poles

7. Leadline (runs at 10:00 a.m.)

8. Crossrail Hunter under saddle

9. Crossrail Equitation on the flat

10. Crossrail Hunter

11. Crossrail Hunter

12. Crossrail Equitation

13. Crossrail Equitation

14. WARM-UP (open through 42)

15. Beginner Hunter under saddle

16. Beginner Equitation on the flat

17. Beginner Hunter

18. Beginner Hunter

19. Beginner Equitation

20. SSHS Beginner Medal

21. Novice Hunter under saddle

22. Novice Equitation on the flat

23. Novice Hunter

24. Novice Hunter

25. Novice Equitation

26. SSHS Novice Medal

27. Intermediate Hunter under saddle

28. Intermediate Equitation on the flat

29. Intermediate Hunter

30. Intermediate Hunter

31. Intermediate Equitation

32. SSHS Intermediate Medal

33. Open Hunter under saddle

34. Open Equitation on the flat

35. Open Hunter

36. Open Hunter

37. Open Equitation

38. SSHS Open Medal







 CHAMPIONSHIP RIBBONS offered in the following divisions:


1.  Walk/Trot                                              5.  Novice  2’0”

2.  Walk/Trot/Canter                                  6.  Intermediate  2’3”

3.  Crossrails   18”                                     7.  Open  2’6”

4.  Beginner  1’9”


 ~~Hunter Divisions are open to all horses and riders, however, professionals  may not ride in Equitation Classes.

~~Divisions are based on height, not  horse or rider abilities.

~~Please be safe and fair to yourself and others  when choosing your Equitation Division.

~~Class 14 (warm-up) is an open  card; a clear round (no refusals, off course, falls, etc.) will be awarded.  Course will be posted. Rider/Horse combination may only enter the class  one time and must be completed before you start your division.  Round must  be declared with the starter.

~~Soundness is to count.  Extreme speed will be penalized.  ~~Martingales are  not allowed in flat or under saddle classes.  ~~Standing martingales are the  only type allowed over fences.  ~~Splint boots, polo wraps, etc. are only  allowed in Equitation or Medal classes.

~~Regulation snaffles and pelhams with a caveson are recommended.   Judges may, at their own discretion, penalize a horse with a non- conventional type noseband or bit.

~~Ribbons will be awarded in each class and Champion and Reserve will be  awarded for each division at every show.




• Beginner Equitation open to riders who have not shown over 2’0” at any competition.

• Novice Equitation open to riders who have not shown over 2’3” at any competition.

• Intermediate and Open Equitation I is open to rider/horse combinations who have not shown 3’ or higher at any competition.




• Beginner Medal  1’9”

• Novice Medal  2’0”

• Intermediate Medal  2’3”

• Open Medal 2’6"

• Only one rider per horse

• Medal Finals on Saturday, October 17th, 2015 will have the top eight (8) riders in each division.  Riders may only enter two (2) consecutive Medal Classes. FINALS START at 8:30.





• All shows will require a current negative Coggins Test.


• All Riders MUST wear ASTM/SEI approved helmets, with harness secured, while mounted at jumping shows.


• All Junior Riders (Riders under the age of 18), must be accompanied by an adult or trainer while at the shows and have the adult or trainer’s signature on the Junior Rider’s entry form before the Rider can school or compete.


• Each rider/horse combination may only enter two consecutive divisions in over fences classes, but are allowed in other under saddle/flat classes.


• Rider/horse combinations entered in the Walk/Trot may not ride in any other division at the same show.


• Ribbons 1st – 6th in each class.


• All division prizes are the combined points earned from over fences and under saddle/on the flat classes in your two highest consecutive divisions. Year end points will only be kept for those nominated.


• Medal classes do not count towards Champion or Reserve Champion.


• Champion and Reserve Champion ties will be broken by the under saddle or on the flat class.


• Proper show attire is suggested for the rider and required for the horse.




• Judge’s decisions are final.


• Points will be awarded as follows:

 Over Fences  On the flat/under saddle

 1st place= 10 pts  1st place= 5 pts

 2nd place= 6 pts  2nd place= 3 pts

 3rd place= 4 pts  3rd place= 2 pts

 4th place= 2 pts  4th place= 1 pt






K. Colfer Sporthorses  518 W. Townline Rd, Harbor Springs

From Petoskey take 31N. Turn left onto M-119 (La Senorita on the corner). Turn right onto Pleasantview road just past the airport.   Go 1.5 miles down, turn left onto Quick Rd, go 3.6 miles and turn right onto State Rd, go 4 miles, turn left onto Stutsmanville Rd, go 4 miles then turn right onto West Townline Rd.  The farm is 1.5 miles down on the left.

Please park in designated areas only.

Katie Colfer Reece (231) 526-2868


Gemstone Farm  4237 S. Center Hwy, Suttons Bay

Take M-22 north from Traverse City turn left onto Shady Lane.  Turn right onto Elm Valley, go through stop sign and farm is on your right, just past the stop.  20 minutes from Traverse City.

Sarah Reincke (231) 642-7445


Double Oak Farm  7765 E. Morningstar Lane, Suttons Bay

Take M-72 west from Traverse City to Bugai Road, at the stop light, go north on Bugai approximately 10 miles, turn right onto Maple Valley, go .3 miles, turn left on Morningstar Lane, take to end of road.  Look for horse show signs.

Anne Grant (231) 218-3267


Congratulations Stepping Stone

Horse Show’s Champions of 2016:




Walk/Trot-   Madey Hartley

Walk/Trot/Canter-    Kayla Phend

X-Rail Hunter-  Rockin Riley

X-Rail Equitation-   Madison Steinhebel

Beginner Hunter- Star

Beginner Equitation- Hannah Kahle

Novice Hunter-  Proudly Shining

Novice Equitation-  Ayla Downer

Intermediate Hunter-  Gentleman's Quarterly

Intermediate Equitation-   Ayla Downer

Open Hunter-   Pixie Chicks

Open Equitation-  Kathy Lofquist





Grand Champion Equitation Rider-Hannah Kahle

Reserve Champion Equitation Rider- Ayla Downer



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